march newsletter 

hi everyone! I will now be releasing a newsletter every time i open books. You can sign up to be notified of the next booking cycle here

books are full for march-april

My current rate is $200/hr. ($150 minimum for designs under 1hr) 
I require a $100 deposit to secure your appointment.
If you have a budget, let me know in the booking form and I will try to work in your price range. 

option to pay sliding scale for black & indigenous folx

I have made a flash for handpoke, and two flash sheets for machine

Click here to preview older flash


in the spirit of spring 


Color on the machine flash will be handpoked. 

The designs in the machine flash can be adapted to be handpoked.  



(color will be handpoked in a second session) 

glow in the dark razor wire goblin

tall and sensitive peace lily

 still wet concrete pudding
colored pencil

vanity mirror 
colored pencil 

monstera ladies 
colored pencil

charm bracelet
colored pencil

bling-d out west 
colored pencil

star flowa 
colored pencil 

flower variety
colore pencil

buttler butterflyler

every day is labor day

misc movies

angel got some shit 2 say
colored pencil

Metal seems to grow like weeds around Brooklyn, rusted fencing circle around houses, windows propped up with steel exoskelletons,
electric wire swinging and fraying, razor wire climbing the sides of buildings like vines.

I love the way fencing has characterized the city landscape the same way flora and vegetation would a forest or jungle.

I’ve loved noticing how different fencing patterns mimic organic shapes found in plants and nature. It is not only ornamental, but structural. I’ve been exploring how the cold, metal adornments around the city mimics the lively, organic spirit of nature in some of my recent work.

photo quilt -

if anythin below tickles ur fancy i would love to adapt it into a design