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Available Flash
> My rate is $150/hr for flash & $200/hr for customs. Always down to work within your budget. 
> A $50-100 deposit is required to confirm your booking, which goes towards the total cost and is nonrefundable in case of last minute cancellations.
> Most designs range from 1-3 hours.
> Below are the designs currently available. Many old designs are now retired. U can still look at them here
> Flash pages are named + dated for archival reasons. If the design is not marked with a sticker, it has not been taken. 
>colors on designs can be reworked or changed to just black 
> no repeats on designs- but I’m open to modifying most designs if you’re interested in one that’s been taken.
> I handpoke + use machine 

Reno flash [1+2] | march 2024 

LA flash | jan 2024

Reno flash  | dec 2023

LA flash [1-2] | oct 2023 

LA Found IMG flash [1-2] | oct 2023

oakland [1-3] | june 2023

providence - nyc | feb 2023

nola | oct 2022

nyc [1-2] | oct 2022

road trip flash | sept 2022

many places flash | sept 2022

winter in nyc | jan 2022

noise flash [1-2] | nov 2021


Human Physiology and Radiology flash | july 2021

images pulled from textbooks--- interested in transcribing more images of this sort using handpoke to pixelate the image. For colored images, I handpoke each layer of color separately to mimic CMYK printing. 

Spirals from Theodorus to Chaos by Philip J. Davis, 1993

X-Rays: The First Hundred Years by Alan Michette & Slawka  Pfauntsch, 1996

The Incredible Machine, National Geographic, 1984

Medicine’s New Vision

road vision | july 2021

florals | july 2021

Razor Wire Monstera | machine- color or black/grey | nov 2020

reno machine/handpoke [1-2] | july 2021 reno

Dream reality- machine/handpoke | feb 2021

Trinkets - machine | march 2021

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