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M Jiang is an artist-maker born & raised in Reno, NV. After graduating with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and living in NYC for 2 years, M returned to Reno to work on an experimental film in response to the rapid wave of gentrification that demolished many beloved watering holes of the DIY scene they grew up in & to document the energetic underground culture that has emerged despite these challenges.

They are attracted to mediums that engage their hands- such as colored pencil drawings, paper making, and tattooing, and mediums that deal with time- such as animation, video, and music. Surrealism provides a liberated space to explore the discomforts of living in a politicized body. The desert appears often in their drawing and animation work as a space that allows them to scavenge, build, and de/encode semiotic messages in a familiar landscape.

They frequently travel to tattoo, and has worked in NYC, Reno, San Fransisco, Providence, Rome, Berlin, London, Chicago, and Paris.