Syncronized Mapping of Ghosts (S.M.O.G.) 
an experimental sound + space (re)configuration featuring
M + ***X

You are a particle that’s drifted in the door, compelled to follow the magnetic lull of noise and ghosts (what is there but cannot be seen.) S.M.O.G. was a performance extension of Something Unfinished About us that took place during the 2nd Configuration of the show. As the installation particles begins to drift apart like dust, so does the sound + movement of us (particulates) around the space. SUAU samples physical fragments to map out an image of the present built from a contemporary aftermath. S.M.O.G. fills the space with performers who use sound fragments that have been sampled, cut, looped, warped, layered, and recontextualized. The directness of sampling extraction creates throughlines in time, a mapping that pins here to there to then to now. The first performance by M + ***X began in the gallery, where direct samples from Notes Logs + filing cabinet books were recited along with a collage of samples. As particulates hear sounds coming from the showspace, which is blocked off by a giant paper wall, they were prompted to puncture the wall and enter into the showspace for Brandon T. Nguyen’s modular synth performance. Particulates then flowed back into the gallery to interact with M0n1k3r’s touch sensitive cooking performance, where contact mics interpreted the sounds of spinach and eggs being made. The last two sets by Rhamier Balagoon + Cities Aviv took place on the main stage. Performances flowed between the gallery and the showspace , synchronizing the movements of particulates as they drifted through the space but allowed serendipedous responses as well.

M + ***X

Brandon T. Nguyen


Rhamier Balagoon 

Cities Aviv