M Jiang is a maker from Reno, NV. Some of their mediums include films, photos, drawings, ceramics, tattoos and music. 
Their work bridges together symbols, sounds, and spaces to create artifacts of an inner world.  Artifacts are containers for saturated time that point to a place of origin. Their earlier work shaped an inner world that focused on locating a sense of belonging in self + ancestry (roots). In recent works the exploration of their identity has expanded into their community + physical surroundings, creating Artifacts that contextualize their existence within the outerworld. The landscape of the Nevadan desert connects the outer + inner worlds, and is a recurrent location where symbols + motifs are scavenged, laid out + decoded, then assembled into Artifacts.
Since 2023, they have been living in Reno working on a film that pieces together sounds, music, life, and change occurring in their hometown as it (and countless other cities around the US) resist the homogenization of culture under gentrification.